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Once you get used to the new look and feel of your Windows 3.1,
you'll never want to turn back...

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Welcome on new reconstructed site about Calmira Longhorn (can be also called Calmira Vista =) ).

10.9.2011 - Calmira Blackcomb CANCELLED
So, after about 2 years of inactivity, I am here with new update. I am cancelling development of Blackcomb,
but I will keep supporting Calmira Longhorn, so if you have any questions, feel free to write me at calmira-project(at)mp-tuners(dot)net and I will try to respond ASAP.

28.2.2009 - Calmira Blackcomb Alpha 2
As i have already annouced on Win3x.org, new name for Calmira is Blackcomb (it has been codename for Win7) version 3.8... I'm working on new features, but I have to wait until final version of Windows 7 come out.
So, I'm bringing to you new screenshots. First is from Alpha 1 and second is from Alpha 2 which is latest stage for Calmira Blackcomb

Blackcomb Alpha 2 (27.2.2009)

Blackcomb Alpha 1 (17.2.2009)

12.11.2008 - SUPPORT and DEVELOPMENT
After long time I've decided to continue supporting Calmira Longhorn, so feel free to write me mail or PM on win3x.org (please in english)
Also, I'm thinking about making new Calmira Longhorn 3.8, but now with some "Windows Seven" stuff. But this is still unconfirmed by me =].
Anyway, I'm awaiting some responses on mail, also , if you have developed something you want to see in next release of Calmira, send it to me... ;)

19.8.2008 - END OF DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT! By this day, I'm stopping development and support of Calmira Longhorn. Source codes are in download section, so you can make your own version...
My thanks goes to ZMBL & V from Win3x.org for translating Calmira Longhorn and Calmira's website to french language.

10.4.2008 - FRENCH VERSION OF CALMIRA RELEASED! Check out download section


What's new in Calmira Longhorn 3.6 ??

+ Updated Vista icons, new logon screen, Long file names support (Experimental!)
+ "X" button (shows close button in upper right corner of Icon Windows) (thanks goes to A.R.Banas)
+ Changing wallpaper is now same as in Win9x

What's new in Calmira Longhorn 3.5 ??

+ New icons (taken from Vista Transformation Pack by Mr. Windows X)
+ "X" button (shows close button in upper right corner of Icon Windows)
+ URL to Windows Update website (http://www.win31.de).

Every good program must have some bugs...

Known bugs:
- I think they are all fixed. If you found some bugs, let me know via mail or via PM on win3x.org forum

I've received mail from autor of WinX used in Calmira. So, by now, original autor of "WinX" (in calmira Windows X) is Andrew Rafael Banas

Thank you for great piece of software.

Copyright © Peter Protus 2005-2008. All rights reserved. Based on Calmira XP 4.0
Version Francaise